About Us

Our staff of dedicated property managers are here to assist you with every issue that may face you as a Property Owner or Tenant.

As a client, you receive: Complete password-protected access to our Property Ware “Cloud” system, including;

  • Detailed profit-loss statement
  • Detailed comparrison statement
  • Fiscal year budget reports
  • Detailed rent roll reports
  • Security deposit reports
  • Late rent reports
  • Unit available reports

Money clings to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of individuals wise in its handling. The person who seeks the advice of wise individuals skilled in handling money,soon learn not to jeopardize their money but to preserve in safety and to enjoy in contentment is constant increase.


As an investor, you may also take part in our rental Portfolio Checkup, an analysis designed to specifically evaluate your rental portfolio, then strategically plan out your investment strategy according to the current real estate market conditions. 

Golf View Realty Sign In Front Of Home

The only sign that should be in front of your investment…


Look for the sign that shows we care about your real estate investment. Golf View Realty takes pride in managing your property and will guide you every step of the way in increasing your overall real estate portfolio profitability.

We are a full-service rental property management company.

The Golf View Realty Property Management Team primarily focuses on residential single family, duplex and mid size multi-family rental properties. (a typical range of 8 to 80 units). This does not exclude our services for providing management to select commercial properties.