A message from our Broker/Owner: (last updated 3-20-20)

Dear Vendors,

Golf View Realty Property Management, Inc. wanted to take the time and update you on how we are addressing the business moving into this new situation of the COVID-19 impacting our nation. We understand that many of you have concerns regarding maintenance in properties that use your services frequently.

Effective March 23rd, 2020 only emergency maintenance calls will be carried out to the properties. These “emergency cases” will be considered again on a CASE-BY-CASE decision and the tenants’ and vendors’ health will be considered in these decisions. Please note that if an emergency case is accepted that social distancing will still be required to ensure the safety of all parties. This means that tenants will need to remain 6-ft from the vendors working at all times. 

If your company has begun a different policy on how to provide services to properties during this COVID-19 situation, Golf View Realty Property Management, Inc. needs to be informed of such policies immediately. We understand that the health and safety of all your employees are very important and we want to respect any policies that your respective companies may have carried out. This includes where payments will be mailed to, who we should be communicating with for invoicing, if/when your services are no longer available, and any safety precautions you want us to consider during this time. 

We assure you that our offices are being cleaned regularly with disinfectants and we are taking extra precautions. Any employee of GVRPM that is feeling ill is told to work from home and seek medical attention if necessary. 

We thank you for your patience in advance and request that if you have any questions to please contact our Administrative Assistant: Melissa at golfviewpropertymanagement@gmail.com

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

Gerald Pappa Broker/ Owner of Golf View Realty Property Management, Inc.